The Photographer


Greg Dow was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has lived in six Canadian provinces, Colorado in the United States, and France. While he now devotes his artistic energy to photography, Greg studied fine art and graphic design before embarking on a career as a visual artist. The photography courses included in those studies provided the foundation for years of self-study and experience in photography. During decades as a painter, he held many one-man shows, including exhibitions in F. D. Gallery in Kingston, Nash Gallery in London, Wallack Galleries in Ottawa, Shayne Gallery in Montreal, Hollander York Gallery in Toronto, and Crisson & Hind Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Greg became fascinated with the potential of computers as tools for visual artists, which led to a second career in the software industry. Today, the combination of many years of experience in both fields gives him the skills required to take maximum advantage of digital imaging and produce photographs that express his creative vision of luxuriant color, rich detail, and crystal clarity.

The photographs on these pages were taken with a wide range of equipment ranging from 35mm film cameras, to various medium format cameras, and now to digital cameras - which have evolved to the point of equalling and even surpassing their film-based ancestors in quality and versatility.

Greg is currently living in Toronto, Ontario.




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